Communication training programme for Leaders, Managers and Consultants

Note: This is an online group coaching programme for leaders, managers and consultants who want to quickly and practically develop their self-awarenss of how they communicate.

“Regardless of what language you speak, your intent manifests through the word”

 – Don Miguel Ruiz

Of all the things that can hold us back in our lives, communication is by far the most compelling force. From how we use our words to affect others, to how we misuse our words to affect ourselves.

Every day we use our words to influence the behaviour of others both in the workplace and at home. Communication is our most powerful asset, yet sadly it is underused, underappreciated, and as a result, it’s underdeveloped. 

It becomes clear when you look at the learning we do in school and colleges, and the training we do in the workplace. It’s rare to see communication being taught at the deep level that’s required to make a real and lasting difference.

And because of this, great minds, and great ideas, often fall by the wayside—simply because they weren’t presented the right way, in the right light, and with the right end goal. As a result…

  • As leaders, we fail to influence our teams and make the impact we desire
  • We miss out on career changing opportunities and promotions
  • Co-workers fail to help their other team members catch their vision
  • …and Family members struggle to reach, understand, and positively influence their loved ones.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” 

– Plato

It is for this reason we facilitate workshops on achieving true “World Class Communication” (WCC) with a purpose to help you to become the greatest possible communicator you can be:

  • In the workplace
  • In training sessions
  • In client relationships
  • In sales conversations, and
  • In the Home

Great communication is essentially made up of principles that transcend speaking in front of an audience. This leadership communication programme is focused on pushing business professionals and executives to improve their ability to communicate, motivate, and inspire in all walks of life.

Introducing Chris Marr – Your teacher on this programme

Chris Marr – Your teacher on this programme

Chris Marr, founding director of CMA Ltd – the UK’s first Learning Organisation, specifically built to teach Business Owners and Marketers the revolutionary philosophy of “They Ask, You Answer”. 

Chris Marr first embarked on his World-Class Communication training back in 2016 with his mentor and co-founder Marcus Sheridan. Over the past four years, Chris has studied at an incredibly in-depth level the principles of which WCC is founded upon.

The lessons which Chris now teaches are extended by a further study into Philosophy and Human Behaviour, allowing Chris’s core strategy to navigate through the complexities of the communication landscape we all face. 

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"...a very effective teaching technique that's different from many coaches."

“…a very effective teaching technique that’s different from many coaches.”

I got a lot out of my coaching sessions with Chris. He taught me a number of communication techniques which I was unaware of before and gave me ideas about how I could put them into practice in my work. He also challenged me to find opportunities to use the techniques and we reviewed how successfully I was able to do this. Overall the process was extremely helpful. I gained confidence, knowledge and techniques that I didn’t have before that have facilitated my work. I can communicate more effectively in a number of different scenarios with different people to get the most out of myself and them.

When Chris facilitates groups he transmits the key information and takes the time to ensure you have understood what he has said by using pertinent examples and re-explaining with more examples if necessary. He also asks questions to help the people being coached to arrive at the answer in their own way which is very effective. He then listens to your responses, guiding you towards the correct conclusion. I found this a very effective teaching technique and one that is different from many coaches.

What is your single biggest challenge with communication? 

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

 – Stephen R. Covey

Can you think of a time recently when your communication skills have let you down? 

Could have been at work or at home? In a sales meeting or perhaps a conflict with your partner? Maybe teaching in a workshop or trying to get your teenage daughter to behave in a certain way…?

Perhaps a moment when you felt defensive, or particularly emotional or angry?

If you were to improve your communication skills, what would you like to be better at?

  • You know that telling people what to do doesn’t work and you are looking for a more effective way to communicate with your team
  • Your colleagues don’t pay attention to your work
  • You struggle to get leadership or your team to buy into your ideas
  • You want to have more influence over how your team members perform
  • When in emotional or difficult conversations you lose confidence and don’t know what to say
  • During team meetings and training sessions you say very little because you don’t want to cause upset or conflict
  • Your clients and buyers take control of the conversation and you end up doing work that you don’t want to do
  • You miss out on sales, and you know it’s because you could be having better sales conversations.
"Chris has a very unique teaching style..."

“Chris has a very unique teaching style…”

Since working with Chris, I’ve grown my business more than I ever thought possible. We now take on far better clients who are prepared to pay more, we are respected in our industry and people are asking us to speak on stages throughout the UK. It’s fair to say that no of this would have been possible without Chris’s help.

Chris has a very unique teaching style, he takes time to help YOU find the answer rather than telling you everything himself! It really helps bring the audience into the conversation and you feel a part of a discussion rather than a presentation. It’s a pleasure to watch.

What can you expect from this communication programme?

You will receive a certificate for completing this training programme

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” 

– George Bernard Shaw

During the programme, you will learn the theory and how to implement 5 core leadership communication principles:

  1. The Vanguard Principle
  2. The Columbus Principle
  3. The Law of Three Principle
  4. The Yes, And… Principle
  5. The Segments Principle

When you combine these powerful communication principles you will have a set of tools that will change the way you communicate forever. Not only that, your observation skills will develop into a powerfully insightful tool that you can use to hone and craft how you influence human behaviour. 

How the programme will be facilitated:

  • During class times Chris will teach you the principles and the theory, and you can download the full training to keep for reference
  • You will be encouraged to keep a communication learning journal for observations, lessons, and challenges
  • You will be given practical exercises to practice in your day-to-day routine so you can put the theory immediately into practice
  • Each practical exercise will be accompanied by video training, which you can download and keep for future reference
  • You will have access to Chris and the whole class via a private forum
"You know he's going to get the best from us..."

“You know he’s going to get the best from us…”

Chris has helped me by steering me again and again to the goals and helping me to stop saying yes to just about everything. He’s kind but firm. He challenges me, but always in a way that makes you feel supported when you’re feeling vulnerable. In terms of facilitating, I like that he makes it structured and that he pulls out our best questions and thoughts to help each other with our dilemmas.  There’s no hype, just a calm, wise process. You always know he’s going to get the best from us in the session.

How you will put your new communication skills and techniques to work?

Partner activity at WCC Live 2018 – Part of your homework for this online programme will be to practice your new leadership communication skills at work and at home

“The person who is asking the questions is the person that’s in control of the conversation…”

– Phil Jones

World-Class Communication is 50% learning and 50% practice. There’s always more learning to do to improve your communication skills, and a lot of what you learn will come directly from putting your learning into practice. 

Of course, when you develop and change your communication style, it will impact your whole life, not just your working life. 

Here are some of the outcomes you can expect: 

  • Have more meaningful conversations in the workplace. Use your new leadership communication skills to improve and develop your relationship with your boss and team members. 
  • Improve the conversations you have with your clients. You’ll have more powerful coaching moments and add more value to your relationship, resulting in longer-term clients. 
  • Communication is the key to successful organisational leadership. You can use your leadership communication skills and techniques to influence behaviour in 1:1 coaching sessions, group learning environments and from the stage.
  • Get more customers and increase how much your clients spend with you by using your leadership communication skills to help your buyer sell your product or service to themselves.
  • Be more confident in sales conversations and be in the driver’s seat even if your buyers don’t realise it.
  • Understand the true power of great questions and learn how to use questions to have better conversations and teaching moments.
  • Understand why listening deeply is the key to more effective communication and knowing exactly what to say.
  • Whether at home or in the workplace you can use your new communication skillset to help people to change their behaviour and buy into your ideas without conflict. 

Furthermore, as you develop and practise your new leadership communication skills I will also urge you to start teaching and sharing your skills to those around you, which is your next level of personal and professional growth. 

"participants are at ease and feel a genuine connection..."

“participants are at ease and feel a genuine connection…”

Chris has been able to ask insightful questions that help me to learn and improve (not just recite information). He has helped me see what needs to be done, and equipped me with the tools to get it done – outcomes!

Chris asks brilliant questions that help you with self-discovery. There is a gentle (but firm) accountability, and his ability to appear unrehearsed and natural means participants are at ease and feel a genuine connection.

Should you attend this leadership communication teaching programme?

Our Leadership Communication students from WCC Live 2018

“Leadership is not a job title. Leadership is a philosophy. It’s an attitude. It’s a state of mind. It’s a way of operating.”

– Robin Sharma

This teaching programme is ideal for you if you feel strongly that developing your communication skills to a world-class level is a clear path to better opportunities for you, and you would like to put yourself into a powerful position to influence the behaviour of the people you work with.

You’ll benefit the most from this programme if you describe yourself as an:

  • Organisational Leader (MD/CEO)
  • HR Director or Manager
  • Marketing Director, Manager or Executive
  • Sales Director, Manager or Executive
  • Customer Service Manager or Supervisor
  • Consultant or Freelancer
  • Training facilitator
  • Business Coach
"a sense of resolution and patience..."

“a sense of resolution and patience…”

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Chris teach many times, through his talks, workshops and coaching in large groups and with private clients. The thing I see every time is a sense of resolution and patience.

I know myself I tend to want to quickly explain a concept, which in itself I don’t think is necessarily BAD, but I know through seeing how Chris works (as a witness to his style both as an observer and ‘student’) that teaching can be done so much more effectively.

Chris gets to the heart of the question or problem and through people join the dots themselves to the solution (Columbus-ing the shit out of it). Like, it’s not so much about having the information or ideas to help people, but in taking them through the process the learning is bedded in super deeply.

  • Ross Coverdale – Owner, Radlad

What is the programme schedule?

The class dates and times for the November programme are: 

  • Tuesday 5th November – 09:15 to 10:45 (UK Time)
  • Tuesday 19th November – 09:15 to 10:45 (UK Time)

The class will be facilitated online via Zoom and you will receive all the information you need when you sign up and join the programme.

How much does it cost? 

CMA Members

£297 Per Person


Non Members

£359 Per Person


Note: There are a maximum of 15 places available on this programme. Enrolment closes at 5pm on Friday 25th October 2019. Please email for assistance

Administrative notes: 

  • All calls will be facilitated via Zoom – Two 90 minute group coaching sessions.
  • You will have access to our private Slack group for interaction and ongoing support.
  • The whole programme will be recorded and available for you to download for reference later.
  • There is a digital worksheet for you to download and use as you work through the programme. 
  • You will receive a digital certificate once you have completed the programme.
"started to get the consistency in my business that I’ve craved for years..."

“started to get the consistency in my business that I’ve craved for years…”

Over the last few years of working with Chris directly and in groups I’ve learnt about books and ideas way beyond ‘just being good at marketing’.

What has come out for me is how to organise my head and communication into executable steps.

Over time I have done battle with the resistance monster, broken through to clarity and started to get the consistency in my business that I’ve craved for years.

One of Chris’s major strengths is the way he gets people to ‘tell him what he wants to teach them’. Another strength is that he is always trying, testing and working out loud rather than being the ‘loud-mouthed super guy’. I particularly appreciate the way everyone is welcome in CMA and there is no #hustlebrag

"...he can really captivate and motivate an audience, both small and large."

“…he can really captivate and motivate an audience, both small and large.”

I have known Chris for less than a year, but have learned so much from him in this relatively short period of time.

Chris has a great way of teaching and facilitating workshops – I was blown away by his positivity, knowledge and communication skills when I attended my first CMA workshop in September 2018.

In the months since, and especially since I joined CMA in April 2019, he has been a great coach as I begin to navigate through the world of content marketing.

What I find particularly impressive about the way Chris teaches is that he can address and assist people with varying levels of knowledge on an area – he’s as comfortable and capable teaching an absolute newcomer on a topic, all the way through to a seasoned business veteran.

He does this using his world-class communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal, and can really captivate and motivate an audience, both small and large.

It’s been a pleasure learning from Chris over the past few months, I look forward to continuing to work with him for many years.