How involved is Chris in CMA?

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One of the big concerns or questions you might have when joining a membership community is “will the founder actually be involved, or are they just looking at the numbers?”

I think this is a fair assumption. Over the years I have been part of dozens of membership organisations and I think it matters a lot that the founder plays a role.

So, here’s the short answer – I’m massively involved in what’s going on in CMA. I work my ass off. I coach, advise, and give a shit about the progress of each of our members.

Here’s a few examples of what I’ve been up to this past week or so:

Monday: A 30 minute coaching call and 4 hours coaching programme (Content Success Formula).

Tuesday: 3 x 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching calls

Wednesday: 90 minutes of membership calls and inductions (every new member books a 30 minute call in with me). I also planned and hosted a 60 minute webinar for the CMA community in the evening – we have a guest webinar almost every week in CMA.

Thursday: Every Thursday I host a weekly community catch up call at 9:30am followed by our 90 day challenge catch up at 10am. We use Zoom for these live calls and everything is recorded and made available for replaying later for those that missed out. I also had 2 membership induction calls on Thursday afternoon.

Friday: 90 mins content critique – I put an announcement out to the community on Thursday evening to ask if anyone would like feedback on things like home pages, about pages, blogs articles and other types of content. This works on a first come, first serve basis. I then send a video to each member with my feedback. I also had 2 induction calls on Friday afternoon.

This is a typical week for me, and CMA members are my main focus.

On a Saturday and Sunday I’m available less, and it’s a little quieter in the community, but I do spend time in CMA at the weekend too.

I also coach members privately as and when required as part of their membership, and I’m the community every day answering questions and helping people with their content.

Now, I don’t answer every question or get involved in every conversation – it is a community after all, and quite often I’m not the best person to answer the question.

I hope this gives you a feel for what to expect when you join CMA.



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