How to use Twitter video to make meaningful connections

Shorter form video is becoming a very convenient and effective method of everyday communication. Twitter Video, Snapchat, Periscope & Facebook Live are all great examples of how advances in mobile technology and access to 3/4G and WiFi is changing the way we communicate; from text messages and short form written communications, to short form video (and audio!).

Personally I’m enjoying this shift – particularly the ease of use and accessibility.

From a marketing perspective it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be seen and heard online, and the channels that we have used for yeas are now overwhelmingly noisy. However, to be completely frank, a lot of this is because the channels are being used incorrectly by most business people and marketers.

There’s no doubt that Twitter has become a ‘noise-fest’. Most users are simply broadcasting their messages through leveraging the vast number of low-cost automation tools that are available. Most people I speak to think Twitter is a dying platform because of these bad practices.

However, there’s still an amazing opportunity to connect with people and build strong connections and relationships using Twitter, and one very effective method is Twitter video.

How to use Twitter video to make meaningful connections

Twitter video is massively underused for communication on Twitter.

How do I know this? Firstly, very few people send them to me. Secondly, people have a very positive reaction when I send a video to them, indicating to me that they very rarely receive this level of personal attention. Here are a few examples of responses from some of my most recent Twitter videos:

Twitter video is an untapped opportunity to build trust

I recently published ‘What it REALLY takes to be successful with social media’ (LinkedIn Pulse), and I don’t want to repeat what was discussed there, but to summarise; it takes effort and patience to be successful with social media. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. And the reason for that is because it’s all about building trust with people…and that takes time to build trust regardless of what tool you use or how you go about building your network. Twitter video is widely underused and therefore provides you with a distinct opportunity to stand out from everyone else and build trust quickly with new connections.

Why use Twitter video?

I’d like to bring a few other voices into the mix here – I asked Gavin Bell and Owen Philipson from the CMA Membership Community to weigh in with their perspective on the effectiveness of Twitter video:

Gavin Bell from Blue Cliff Media said:


Twitter video is an amazing way to accelerate the like, know, trust process. Video, in general is a great way to do that. By creating videos, people are seeing the ‘real you’, and there’s no hiding behind 140 characters. Take personal thank-you video tweets, for example – someone follows you and you reply with a video saying thank you etc. Chances are they’re going to remember you


Owen Philipson from Construction Content said:


“The two people who have impressed me with Twitter video have been Chris and Gary Vaynerchuk. Chris was using Periscope on a regular basis to put out helpful, valuable ideas. After watching, he would follow these Periscope broadcasts up with Twitter videos to send me genuine, personalised thank you messages, which built up a relationship and drew me in to his membership community. Gary was someone I had just discovered, and I was uneasy with his bravado, the concept of ‘hustle’ and his no holds barred approach to business and marketing. I was discussing this with friends on Twitter and Gary chimed in with a personal video to me apologising if he’d given me this impression. I’ve since stuck with him and got tremendous value from his content, despite his personality style being completely on the other end of the spectrum to mine!”


The benefits of Twitter video

Here’s a short list of the main benefits of using Twitter video to communicate:

  1. Video emphasises personality – It’s far more effective than 140 characters
  2. It take more effort – More effort is required to send a personalised video to someone, and people do appreciate and acknowledge this additional effort
  3. Create strong connections quickly – Video speeds up the know-like-trust process
  4. Stand out from the crowd – It’s different than what everyone else is doing and therefore separates you from the rest

Why aren’t people using Twitter video?

After reading this far the opportunity and benefits should hopefully be very clear, so why aren’t more people using Twitter video to communicate and connect? Good question, and there could be a number of reasons. For example, they:

  • don’t want to get in front of the camera
  • don’t understand how social media really works
  • don’t like Twitter or not interested in it
  • don’t know how to use Twitter effectively
  • don’t want to spend the time learning and/or executing

My hope is that by the time you get to the end of this article you’ll be itching to send me a Twitter video and you won’t fall into any of these categories.

6 ways to use Twitter video to build strong connections

Here are 6 great ideas to execute on with Twitter video, along with some real examples from my own Twitter activity.

1. Replying to tweets and retweets

Instead of using a normal tweet to express your gratitude when someone retweets your tweet, or mentions you on Twitter, send a video reply and make an impactful personal connection.

2. Saying hello to new followers

Most people don’t acknowledge when someone follows them, and I’m certainly not saying that you should do this for every single follower – quite a number of new followers are spam or automatic and it could become burdensome.

If it’s someone you recognise, someone you have something in common with, or if it’s someone that you’d like to connect further with, send them a video to say thanks and that you are looking forward to getting to know them.

3. Making introductions

Use Twitter video to send a video introduction to two people who don’t know each other. Typically people do this via email, but sometimes there’s no time for that. A very personal Twitter video introduction is just as effective, especially if the people you are introducing to each other are present on Twitter.

4. Expressing gratitude

If someone has bought something from you recently – a product, a course, a ticket for an event, or has simply been supportive – jump on to Twitter and send them a video to say thanks for their support, they’ll really appreciate the personal touch!

5. Sending in product/service support tickets

When 140 characters just isn’t enough, and you need to get a message to the support team for a product or service, Twitter video is the answer. See the example below that I sent to @contactually recently about a glitch with their iOS app.

6. Following up with people after live broadcasts

When you live broadcast either on Periscope or Blab, people will join, interact and and may even tweet out your broadcast to their audience.

It’s a nice personal touch to take 5 or 10 minutes out after your broadcast and use Twitter video to add an extra level of personalisation by saying thanks for their support with your broadcast.

I do this a lot and it works really well when building stronger connections with people.

Additional pro tips for Twitter video…

  1. If you want your audience to see the video too, make sure you don’t start the tweet with an ‘@‘ mention.
  2. Twitter videos only last 30 seconds, so you need to be quick to get your whole message in there
  3. Keep it real – don’t worry about waiting for the perfect moment to send a video, keep it real, raw and authentic 🙂


Going forward into 2016 and onwards we are all going to have to get used to using video in our everyday communications. It’s very clear to me that this is the way we are heading.

If you want to get ahead of the game the best thing to do is start using platforms and applications like Twitter video, Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat as main forms of communication.

It might be a small step out of your comfort zone at first, but I’m confident that you’ll really start to enjoy it. In a very short time you’ll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about!

My hope is that you’ll take some motivation and inspiration from what I’ve shared here in this article and start using video in your everyday communications.

Now that you’ve read to the end, send me a Twitter video @chrismarr101 and say hello. PS…I don’t mind being a test subject if it’s your first Twitter video!



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