How Google works with content marketing

I’d like to clear the air on something very important for your success with content marketing – how Google works!

Believe it or not, most people don’t understand how search engines work, which is negatively impacting the results that most businesses are getting in Google search.

Some of the most common questions I get asked are “how can I improve the performance of my website?”, “Why can’t I find my website on Google?”, or “How can I get my website on to the 1st page on Google?”

Often businesses hire SEO companies to help them rank better in Google, and often they return disappointing results.

Let’s dig into it and clear the air on how Google works and why it matters.

Why is this so important?

Google is the no.1 search engine in the world and as far as other search engines are concerned, Google is responsible for sending the vast majority of traffic to websites (roughly 70% of all traffic)!

  1. In short, google is the place that most people go to find stuff and therefore it plays a huge role in content marketing and getting your content in front of the right people.
  2. Search engines like Google are used daily by your potential customers to find information
  3. Search/organic traffic is the best source of traffic for your website – the main reason is because it’s free, but also because it’s very relevant traffic.
  4. A big part of content marketing is about being found online and being found in search

Until the time when search engines don’t exist anymore, ranking well in search engines will remain a major objective for business owners and content marketers.

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What is Google’s job?

Simply put, it’s Google’s job to return the most accurate, relevant and helpful results with reference to the search term you have typed into the search bar.

It’s Google’s mission to organise the world’s information and display it in a way that’s easy to consume for the person searching.

It’s also Google’s job to put these results into some sort of priority. This is based on 100s of factors, which are mostly based on relevance. You could assume that if a webpage is visited more often, and people spend more time on it and share it with others, then it should be ranked higher than a similar webpage that is less relevant.

So, in order to be found on Google you have to think about what your potential customers are searching for online, what will be relevant to them, and how you could create the best possible content that will help them.

How to think like your potential customers

The key thing to remember when thinking about how you can appear in search is to think like a potential customer.

You really need to think hard about what your potential customers are searching for, how they are searching, and the words and phrases they are using.

A good rule of thumb is to:

  • remove your and you’re from your search terms, and
  • pretend that you’ve never heard of your business before

By doing these two simple things you will be able to use search terms that your potential customer are more likely to use.

It’s so vital for you put yourself into the shoes of your potential customers, and to also think about how you behave as a consumer.

Just think about how you use Google. Next time you are searching for something or thinking about buying a product or business service be aware of your behaviour, your thought process and how you use Google to search for answers to your questions.

Don’t forget that great content marketing is when you are not talking about yourself, your products or services.

I’m sure you’ll find it very interesting!

What can you do about all of this?

Considering all of this, what we want is to have Google consider our content to be the most relevant content for the search term that your potential customer types into Google.

Do you remember the Zero Moment of Truth from several previous articles? Hopefully, because we’ve written about it a lot! If we want our potential customers to find us, and help them to make a smart buying decision, we have to create content that they are looking for whilst they are researching their options.

On average, 70% of the buying decision is made online before a customer contacts your business for the first time.

People mainly use Google to find answers to questions and solutions to problems and we know that people want to make their own decisions, in their time. They do not want to be sold to, and they do not want to be ripped off. Therefore it’s your job to make sure you give them the right content at the right time, that helps them to feel confident about the buying decision.

Are you answering the questions people are looking for? Are you discussing the solutions to their problems? If not, how can you expect to be found in Google when people are looking for help?

By creating the right content that’s relevant to your customers needs it’s more likely that your content will be found in search.

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Your turn

  1. Are you truly creating content that’s relevant to what your potential customers are searching for?
  2. What are you going to change with your content marketing based on what you have read here today?
  3. How will you take advantage of how google works?

Let me know what’s on your mind by joining the comments section below.

Don’t forget to be awesome!


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