How can I make my website rank highly in Google?

Two of the most prolific questions we get asked is, how can I find my web page in Google, and why is my web page not appearing in Google?

Effectively what people are asking is how can I take advantage of SEO and how can I optimise my website for search?

There’s a whole bunch of stuff I want to cover in this video today that dispels some of the thinking that goes on with businesses. They think they can put keywords on their home page and on their services page and they expect to appear in Google for their business name and location, but I’ll tell you right now, that is not the way that we teach SEO in the Content Marketing Academy.

It’s all about creating useful, helpful and valuable content that answers your customers’ questions and solves their problems, and there are a few reasons why that is really important.

The first thing we need to do is get to grips with how Google works. Google is a search engine, and until search engines don’t exist anymore, SEO or search engine optimisation is going to be really, really important, but I want to talk about SEO in the content of content marketing. This is the same thing, effectively!

First thing is, how does Google work, and what is its job? It’s Google’s job to return to you the most accurate result based on the search term you put into the little box on the home page. That’s what its job is, and it’s getting better and better at doing that all the time. It’s really good at understanding what is the most helpful, valuable and accurate information to return to you in that first page on the search results.

What you need to think about is what your search habits are like.

If you search for something and the result you would prefer doesn’t come up on the first three or four results, you’re going to go up into the search bar and change your search term. I also need to point out that when you’re typing your search term into the box, Google starts to predict what you’re going to say, and the reason it knows that is because it’s based on what other people are searching for, and it knows what the most common searches are. With your business hat on, think to yourself how you could take advantage of that resource. If you want to know what people are typing into Google, type into Google and see what comes up.

With your content marketing hat on, you need to think to yourself, well, if Google’s job is to return the most accurate result based on the search term that you put into the box, I need to figure out what my potential customers are typing into Google.

The first thing you need to realise is that they’re not going to search for your brand name, because they don’t know who you are, so you need to create content that’s not associated with your brand. It’s Google’s job to answer questions and solve problems, so what you need to do on your website is create content in the form of blog articles or videos or some sort of rich source of content that answers questions and solves problems. This shouldn’t include your brand name, because otherwise it’s not going to work!

They’re looking for things like, what is, or where can I find, or how can I fix. Look at the questions and figure out the questions that people are asking you. Look at your enquiries, listen to your sales calls, listen to your prospective customers, listen to your customers, listen to the questions they have, listen to the problems they’ve got and start creating content on your website that will be found in search.

That’s how you get your website onto the first page of Google, you don’t do it by keyword stuffing, you don’t do it by putting paragraphs of text on your home page, you do it by creating useful, valuable and helpful content for your prospective customers that they will find in Google.

The number one reason that most people don’t value organic search traffic is because they’ve never had value from organic search traffic. Organic search traffic is just simply when someone clicks on a link in Google after they’ve searched for something, that’s organic search. It’s free, it’s completely relevant and it’s sticky, so what our job as business people is, is to answer questions, solve problems, make sure we do all of that on our website in something like blog articles or videos or something like that.

This is me answering questions right now on a video!

Get that onto your website and make sure people can find it in Google, and that’s SEO, that’s content marketing, and that’s how you do that. You do it consistently over a longer period of time, and I can guarantee you that it’ll work for your business.

I hope that’s been helpful for you. If you’ve got any questions, tweet me @chrismarr101 or email me,

Don’t forget to be awesome.


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