Guest Blogging: Why I’ve started a Guest Blog

Wondering why I’ve started a guest blog? Why now?

Well, over the years, I’ve taken part in a number of guest slots including podcasts and blogs.  While I’m a firm believer in the well-rehearsed benefits of guest blogging, they also ended up being great fun and a chance to add some variety to my own content.  

It’s with that in mind, that next week, I’m launching our very own Content Marketing Academy (CMA) Guest Blog, featuring our very own CMA Members.  

But before we get started with their great content, I thought I should take a minute to explain why.

3 Reasons Why I’ve started a Guest Blog

Why and why now? Well, let me explain.

#1  Raising Others

Whichever social media platform you follow me on, you’ll know that I’m firm believer in the saying:

Chris Marr quote - for you to succeed, others must too

Within the CMA we have a grown a community of over 100 members.  Not just any members but a #squad of like-minded individuals who have a desire to learn something new. They want to change, develop, and grow, and they want to be more successful and grow their business.

Creating a guest blog for our CMA Members is just one way that I can help them succeed.  If I can help those in the community, grow, develop and gain exposure by showcasing their talents through a guest blog, then the community will continue to achieve its goals.

#2   Consistency

Since I started blogging back in 2010, I’ve had an open invitation for guests blogs on each website.  I’ve enjoyed working with each of those guest bloggers and they have always received great feedback but in reality, the frequency has varied over that period of time.

Reflecting now, the guest blogs have tended to be reactive when individuals have approached me, rather than pro-actively encouraging guest slots beyond the open offer. I think I can do more here.

Our most recent guest blog by Martin Huntbach,  7 Ways Content Marketing will improve your SEO , reinforced my aim to increase the consistency of publishing these.

We already have 10 guest bloggers lined up so will be publishing one a week starting next week!  We are off to a great start.

#3  Expertise

Freelancers, Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs from every industry you can imagine.  Yep, our membership is that varied.

Photographers, Branding Experts, Copywriters, Architects, and Hair Salon owners. Specialists in Finance, Marketing, Website Design, Productivity, IT,  SEO and Facebook adverts.

Bloggers, vloggers and podcasters.   We really do have them all and there is rarely a subject that comes up within our community that a member can’t answer.   

Through the guest blog, I hope to, in some small way, acknowledge our CMA members for their great work and the expertise that they have between them all.

I know that their expertise will be more than valuable to you as a reader, as they are to myself.   They inspired me to write about the CMA as a learning community and I know they will inspire action to grow your own business too. 

CMA Members Yva Yvorston and Cara Anne MacKay The Content Marketing Academy Conference 2016

One of my favourite photos from TCMA 2017 – two of our CMA members meeting IRL

Your turn

Do you regularly have guests blog?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on why you started a guest blog or if not, why not?

Do you find it hard to secure guests?  Or are you struggling with another aspect of a guest blog?

Please share your experiences below and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Remember, if you are not a CMA Member but would like to feature in our guest blog then do get in touch.  Drop an email to with a few basic details re you and your proposed topic. (LINk to page on guest blogging which is in related content below- has guidelines in it that you’ve set out).   We’ll be back in touch pronto!

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