#GoWithThePro Twitter Chat: How content marketing leads to sales

Up until #GoWithThePro on 16th August 2018 I had never participated in a Twitter chat, let alone been a guest on one!

Cathy clearly had faith in me, and after a quick chat with Nicole it all made sense – it’s exactly just like being interviewed, except you are on Twitter instead of actually speaking to anyone…and those ‘watching’ can also chime in with questions and responses.

I’m so glad I prepped my answers to the questions otherwise I would have fell behind pretty quickly!

It was fast and furious, and I had a blast.

I thought you may find my prep helpful…so here are the 6 content marketing questions I was asked, along with my prepared responses and follow up related content.

Enjoy 🙂

Q1. What is content marketing?

A1/1: Content marketing is your ability to listen to your prospects better than anyone else in your industry and create content that helps them to make an educated buying decision. Done well it will create better customers and improve your sales process. #GoWithThePro

A1/2: Content marketing is a strategic and commercial focus for your business. Many business people confuse content marketing with ‘promotion’, but content marketing should be seen as a business growth and sales tool that works across the whole sales process. #GoWithThePro

A1/3: Content marketing is about creating content that people will find useful and helpful – to help them solve a problem or answer a question – with the ultimate aim of helping them to feel confident to buy what you sell…leading to trust #GoWithThePro

A1/4: Content marketing is simply just marketing for the time we live in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, video or podcast…or any other platform that makes sense for you. It’s about communicating with your customers and prospects to help them…not sell to them. #GoWithThePro

A1/5: Just think about how you make buying decisions. You search google, and use content to help make a decision. You DON’T speak to sales people. Consumers want to be in control. If you can predict what information they need…that’s content marketing. #GoWithThePro

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Q2. How does content marketing lead to sales?

A2/1: In many ways: It allows your prospects to find you online when they’ve never heard of you before, it gives you a seat at the table when your prospects are comparing you against your competition, it helps you to be seen as the expert, and it builds trust. #GoWithThePro

A2/2: The content you create is owned by you, and therefore becomes an asset – great content increases in value over time. You can use your content today, tomorrow, next week, next year, etc. It’s always there for you – driving traffic and leads into your business. #GoWithThePro

A2/3: Mistakes people make: not measuring the right metrics at the right time – measure position, traffic, leads and sales and different times, when it makes sense. Don’t be disappointed if results don’t come fast, but also don’t think that you have to wait 18 months to get results. #GoWithThePro

A2/4: The only way to know if your content is leading to sales is to make sure you are measuring the right metrics at the right time. Don’t be lazy with measuring your marketing. #GoWithThePro

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Q3. How do you get started with content marketing?

A3/1: It’s a combination of study and practice. Those that are getting the best results, and start well, are those who have a good foundation of understanding and knowledge, and they seek feedback and critique in implementation #GoWiththePro

A3/2: That being said, people do struggle to know where to start. My advice: 1. Listen to your customers and prospects 2. Make it easy for yourself by leaning on your strengths 3. Start with something you know you can keep on top of. #GoWiththePro

A3/3: Fear is a big factor when starting something new, and content marketing is no different. Get around people that understand what you are trying to do, and have done it before. Get the right support network. #GoWiththePro

A3/4: A very simple place to start is with a blog – you don’t need much tech and tools to start a blog. However, if you want to turn your blog into a sales machine, then there are very specific things to work on, which we’ll cover later. #GoWiththePro

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Q4. What are the biggest factors for being successful with your content marketing?

A4/1: Biggest factor #1 – Search engine optimisation and being found in search. Choosing the right keywords, using them in the right places – Titles, URLs, Subtitles – to help Google know what your content topic is. #GoWiththePro

A4/2: Biggest factor #2 – Specificity and listening to your prospects. Digging real deep to uncover the questions and problems that your prospects have and doing everything you can to provide the best answer/solution. #GoWiththePro

A4/3: Biggest factor #3: Quality – no one is waiting for another mediocre article from you. There’s a lot of crap out there already, and one way to differentiate is to be better. Take a look at the quality of content that your prospects are currently having to suffer. COuld you be better? #GoWiththePro

A4/4: Biggest factor #4: Learning, understanding and implementing They Ask You Answer and The Big 5. You don’t want just *anyone* on your website, you want relevant traffic – prospects and people that want to buy from you. This philosophy and methodology will do that for you. #GoWiththePro

A4/5: Biggest factor #5: Consistency and constancy. Look at successful marketers today – they turn up when they say they are going to turn up, they don’t give up, they prioritise their content. They are committed to serving their audience. They are pro, and this differentiates them from the amateurs. #GoWiththePro

A4/6: Biggest factor #6: Being the most helpful in your industry. Being better than everyone else in your industry. Get to know your customers better than anyone else in your industry. Emotionally connecting with your audience at a deeper level than anyone else. #GoWiththePro

A4/7: Biggest factor #7: Writing content specifically for prospects that are in your sales funnel – what questions do they have? What objections do they have? Why are they not buying from you? Get yourself into their shoes and get that content on your website. #GoWiththePro

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Q5. Why do people not get good results with content marketing?

A5/1: Writing content for their peers instead of their prospects. This is by far the biggest mistake people make. Your peers don’t pay your bills. Write content for your prospects, not your peers. Don’t be famous and poor. #GoWiththePro

A5/2: The biggest excuse I hear is “I don’t have the time for content marketing…” Which means they don’t value it and therefore they don’t prioritise content marketing. This leads to poor results and people say “…content marketing doesn’t work…” #GoWiththePro

A5/3: Fear: this is a real problem. A fear of publishing. We need to get over ourselves and the quicker we can do that the better. 1000s of people are putting content out there, and if you don’t do it you are doing you and your customers a disservice. #GoWiththePro

A5/4: They don’t learn how to get better. They just keep doing what they’ve always done. We call that complacency. It destroys businesses. This is what I know: if you’re not green and growing, you’re ripening and rotting. #GoWiththePro

A5/5: They stop. #GoWiththePro

A5/6: They don’t measure their performance. If you want to get better at anything in life and business you have to measure. #GoWiththePro

A5/7: They don’t have a strategy. #GoWiththePro

A5/8: They don’t believe in their product or service. #GoWiththePro

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Q6. How can you be more effective with your content marketing?

A6/1: Spend time creating and choosing the best ideas. Not just whatever you feel like. By taking the time to select the best ideas you will have a better chance of your content being a hit with your prospects and customers. #GoWiththePro

A6/2: See content marketing as a sales process. Think about the challenges you have in your business, the gaps you have in your sales process and how content can solve that challenge or fill that gap. #GoWiththePro

A6/3: Tie your content efforts to your business goals and objectives. Focus on growth ideas, and all the other ideas you have can wait. #GoWiththePro

A6/4: Don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. Collaborate with people in your industry to create great content. #GoWiththePro

A6/5: Work towards outsourcing/insourcing everything that you shouldn’t be doing and focus on ONLY what you can do. Think about : Graphic design, website development, video editing…you shouldn’t be doing this stuff #GoWiththePro

A6/6: Focus on one single platform and get really good at it. Most people (me included) get very tempted early on to do a video channel, a podcast and a blog…but you need to get good and consistent at one thing first. #GoWiththePro

A6/7: Schedule your time in for writing/creating. Prioritise it ABOVE everything else. Marketing is for you and your business, and it’s more important than your clients. Clients come and go, your business is for a long time. #GoWiththePro

A6/8: Go back through all your old content and optimise it. #GoWiththePro

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Thanks #GoWithThePro

So…I didn’t die and it was a lot of fun 🙂

Thanks to Cathy and Nicole for making me feel welcome. Make sure to join the #GoWithThePro Twitter chat on Thursday’s at 8pm.

If you joined me on the chat, thank you for your questions, thoughts and ideas. If you’d like more content from me, please join the CMA Facebook group for weekly live training and subscribe to CMA Podcast Show.



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