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This article is part of Chris Marr’s Business Toolbox series: weekly articles dedicated to showcasing awesome business applications and software that you can use to save you time, reduce stress and grow your business!

I’m sure that note taking is a big part of what you do on a daily basis; most people can’t trust their memory to remember everything. The challenges you may have could include:

  • Not remembering to do things
  • Not remembering to follow up
  • Not being able to find your notes
  • Not having one handy place to keep all your notes

I have always loved taking notes, making lists, and being organised in general. Also, in recent years I’ve really started to enjoy writing more. I still love my Moleskin notebooks but when it comes to being more efficient, finding a way to take notes electronically has become a big deal for me. Not just for business, but for everything in my life.

I started using Evernote at university in 2009 and I use it for almost everything now. It’s one of only a few applications that is open and on every single day.

If you are thinking about using Evernote (we highly recommend that you do) you can start with this article that details:

  1. What Evernote is
  2. The benefits of using Evernote
  3. How we use Evernote here at Learning Everyday
  4. Some fantastic resources that will help you get started with Evernote

What is Evernote?

“Bring your life’s work together in one digital workspace.”

Evernote is an all-in-one electronic notebook that helps you to collect information, write notes, and more importantly find and recover your work very easily.

You can download, synchronise and use Evernote on your mobile device, desktop or just use the web browser application, which makes it very convenient for use in all circumstances.

What are the main features of Evernote?

  • Unlimited notebooks – You can have unlimited notebooks for all the different projects and sub-projects you have to keep everything organised.
  • Shared notebooks – You can share your notebooks with other people and collaborate with Evernote
  • Instant chat – Connect with work colleagues & peers on Evernote and chat while you work
  • Web clipper – The web clipper chrome extension allows you to save a web page directly to Evernote, you can save it as an article, a bookmark or a screenshot. A fantastic way to collect information for research purposes
  • Tags – By creating relevant tags for your notes you can make it really easy to find your content
  • Reminders – A note can be set on a reminder because, unlike elephants, we often forget things
  • Share notes socially – you can share you note content on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Sync – all your notes are available on multiple devices

Why use it?

Evernote is the best way to get organised. There is no need for piles of paper cluttering up your desk, when all of it can be stored in Evernote.

Everything is all in one place so you can find all your notes easily using the Evernote search functionality. There is no need to flick back through lots of random notebook pages trying to find that one thing you wrote a week ago.

We’re not going to reinvent the wheel here when other ‘Thought Leaders’ have created fantastic resources for understanding how you can benefit from using Evernote.

Evernote resources

The resources we’ve included below are a great place to start and will showcase to you the true potential of Evernote

  1. The team at Evernote created a blog full of tips and stories of how and why it is a great idea to use Evernote – Click here for this resource
  2. Michael Hyatt has been using Evernote very effectively for years, click here to learn how he uses it!
  3. If you found that article useful, click here for more articles from Michael Hyatt on using Evernote to get more done

How Learning Everyday use Evernote

Out of all the applications we use, Evernote is one of the top three or four we use every single day.

What’s really important for us as a team here at Learning Everyday is the ability to share notebooks between each other internally and with other freelancers that we work with.

  • Staff meetings – When we are having staff meetings one of us will take notes in a shared notebook, which we all have access to.
  • Content creation – not only do we draft our content in Evernote, but as a team we share the content we have created using Evernote. (Example: this article was drafted in Evernote by Hannah, who shared it with me. It was then published using WordPress)
  • Dictation – We use Evernote to dictate content using the iPhone app and the standard iPhone headset. This audio notebook is then shared with Catherine Poole who then transcribes the content. This is then used for articles and podcast notes

I also use it for many other personal things including:

  • Goal setting – I have a notebook that helps me to keep my personal goals organised
  • Research  – if I’m doing research for an article or any topic, I use the web clipper functionality and collect information directly in an Evernote notebook
  • Writing – I use Evernote heavily for article writing

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Your Turn

  1. Do you use Evernote? If so, what do you use it for?
  2. What do you think is the biggest benefit of an app like Evernote?
  3. Do you think you could get value from using Evernote?
  4. Let us know by joining in the conversation below.

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