Introducing content marketing

Introductory content marketing workshop and coaching

Content Marketing Workshop

What is content marketing and how can your organisation benefit?

The most common questions we get asked about content marketing are:

  • What is content marketing?
  • How can our business benefit from embracing the principles of content marketing?
  • Why do we need to embrace content marketing in our organisation?
  • What should we expect from implementing a content marketing strategy?
  • How can we implement content marketing effectively?
  • How can we make sure our whole team are bought into this new way of marketing?

These are all valid questions and concerns and exactly what we will cover in a content marketing workshop.

What are the objectives of a content marketing workshop?

This initial introductory workshop has several objectives:

  1. Give everyone full understanding of what content marketing is
  2. Get everyone on the same page, i.e. get everyone thinking in the same way
  3. Provide direction for your content marketing strategy
  4. Open your mind to the possibilities of content marketing
  5. Present to you the business case for content marketing (i.e. the why)
  6. Generate new ideas and unlock your potential
  7. Answer any specific questions you have about content marketing and your organisation

What will be covered during a content marketing workshop?

When we are facilitating a one-to-one workshop session or a team workshop session, we try to keep it tight but loose. In other words, we have a schedule of what we would like to cover, but we also allow for discussion and any specific challenges and questions you may have.

Here’s a snippet of the main elements that we will be discussing:

  1. What is content marketing?
  2. Why content marketing?
  3. How Google works
  4. Changing consumer behaviour
  5. What to expect from content marketing
  6. How content marketing impacts the traditional sales process
  7. How to implement and execute content marketing
  8. Goals and objectives of content marketing
  9. Generating ideas for your content marketing

Chris MarrWhat I love the most about delivering and facilitating content marketing workshops is watching people get excited and animated about their business.

In such a short space of time people are able to generate fantastic ideas about how they can change the way they communicate with their audience.

It’s truly amazing to have the opportunity to witness people change the way they think about sales and marketing.

– Chris Marr

One-to-one content marketing workshop sessions

A lot of smaller and micro businesses make enquires about our content marketing workshops and we love working with business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers.

Our introductory workshop can be delivered as a one-to-one workshop and coaching session. The investment for this workshop starts at £397+VAT.

(The price is based upon a half day session and may be revised depending on travel)

To book your session please contact us or call 01383 665080 today.

Team & group content marketing workshop sessions

We also love working with teams in a collaborative environment. These sessions are a little more intensive and require a different level of facilitation.

Team workshops are facilitated over a full day and the investment for this workshop starts at £997+VAT.

(Prices will be revised depending upon the number of delegates and other specific requirements including travel)

To book your session please contact us or call 01383 665080 today.