The four C’s for content marketing success

Are you curious about how to start your content marketing journey? Are you interested in how other people started their’s and became successful? My advice is to remember the four C’s for content marketing success.

The four C’s map out the start of your journey to becoming a great content marketer. This is how I started my journey and how other’s I’ve spoken to have mapped out their own journey. The four C’s will help you develop your content marketing strategy, build your platform and help you communicate with your audience.

I’ve interviewed many people about their journey and people have also quizzed me about my own. During The Marketing Academy Podcast interview with Pete Matthew (click here to listen to Episode 14), we talk about ‘the three C’s of content marketing’. I have taken direct influence from what Pete shared with me, and I’m going to amend this slightly by adding in a fourth C.

Are you ready to start your content marketing journey?

The four C’s – starting your content marketing journey

One – Consumer

The first step is to become a consumer of content. For example, if you want to start a blog, produce videos or publish your own podcast, the first thing to do is to find content that someone has already created on existing platforms and start reading, watching and listening. There are many benefits for you at this first stage. You will:

  • get a good idea of what content already exists
  • start creating your own ideas
  • build your understanding of what works and what doesn’t
  • start interacting with people by leaving comments and getting involved in conversations and discussions
  • get used to how the platforms work
  • find gaps where your content could fit in

Two – Curator

The second step is to begin curating content. For example, as a consumer of content you will find great content that your audience will probably enjoy reading, listening or watching. You can now start pulling this content together and sharing it with them. Again, there are many benefits associated with content curation. You will:

  • begin to see what your audience interact with, allowing you to test
  • save time from creating content by sharing existing content
  • begin to get a solid idea of what your content strategy will look like
  • further develop your relationship with those who are already creating content

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Three – Creator

Now that you are a consumer of content and you have shared and curated a lot of other people’s content, it is now time for you to start creating your own content. At this stage you should have a solid idea of:

  • what your topics are going to be
  • what channels you will use to distribute your content
  • how your audience will consume your content
  • what people are most likely to engage with
  • what people will find useful

Four – Consistency

I have added in this fourth C because I think consistency is so important (and sometimes undervalued) when it comes to content strategy. I have been guilty in the past with inconsistency and I have seen first hand how damaging it can be for your metrics and content strategy. My main tips for remaining consistent are:

  • have a content schedule that includes the what, when, who, why, how, etc
  • plan out your topics in advance
  • get ahead of yourself – e.g. have a few videos, blogs or podcast ’in the can’
  • block time out in your schedule for content creation
  • make your content creation time a priority (i.e. take it seriously)
  • understand that content marketing is a longer term strategy
  • don’t give up
  • keep consuming content for inspiration
  • continue to develop and strengthen your relationship with other content creators

If you follow the four C’s you will have made a great start to your content marketing journey and I wish you all the success you are prepared to work for.

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Your turn

  1. What have you found helpful in your journey so far?
  2. Can you relate to the four C’s?
  3. What do you do to stay consistent with your content?
  4. What do you find to be your biggest content marketing challenges?

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