Interviews with CMA Members – How to grow your business with content marketing

We started business in June 2013, and since then we’ve helped hundreds of business to improve their skills and grow their business with content marketing.

And as we go further down this road, I wanted to take some time to capture some of the stories of the CMA members and their journey, and share those stories with you.

These interviews are not case studies as such, it’s not all about the Content Marketing Academy. It’s about them, their journey, their struggles, their challenges, and their successes.

My main objective is to uncover some of the challenges that people have along the way with content marketing, because I think a lot of people look at other people online and say, “I could never do what they’re doing,” or “How did they manage to do so much?”.

It can seem like others have become an overnight success, or that everything seems to be going really well for them, although in the background there’s a series of challenges, or things that they’re struggling with.

I want to get that out there, and I want to share that with you so you can get a real understanding of what is really going on.

What kind of work are people putting into this? What kind of challenges are they having?

You will listen to real stories from real people that are doing the real work around the content and building their business.

You’ll hear from different types of businesses, business people, all at different stages, so we can get a clearer understanding of what it takes to implement content marketing, and get an insight into what they’re really doing to make it work.

I want you to listen to these interviews and think that you can do this too.

It’s all about giving you more confidence, and self-belief that it’s also possible for you.

But also know that you’re not alone in these challenges.

There’s hope, and there are people that can help you.

I ask questions like:

  1. When did your content marketing journey begin?
  2. Do you recall when it started to make sense to you about how you were going to embrace these principles to grow your business?
  3. What’s been your greatest content market lessons along the way that made you commit to this?
  4. What challenges have you had to overcome, or perhaps what you’re still struggling with, when it comes to content marketing?
  5. Why do you keep going when you have all these challenges?
  6. How do you overcome these challenges?
  7. If someone was to stop you in the street, how would describe and explain Content Marketing to them?
  8. What kind of content have you been creating?
  9. How has content marketing changed your business?
  10. What would you recommend to help others start their journey and to be more successful with content marketing?

Each interview lasts about 25 minutes or 30 minutes. I hope that you get real value from these interviews.

I think it’s really exciting to hear other people’s journey and their story. The successes and the challenges, and how they’re overcoming them.

These are some of the best people I’ve worked with in the last three or four years. I hope you get as much from the interviews as I did.

If you’ve got any questions about anything please just tweet me @chrismar101, or email me at


  1. An introduction from Chris Marr
  2. Julie Christie – Transforming your business model using content marketing
  3. Colin Gray – Creating and building a business using content marketing
  4. Caroline McKenna – Content marketing is not all about traffic, conversions and SEO
  5. Gavin Bell – Creative constraints, being consistent and creating awareness with content marketing
  6. Sharon Menzies – Building trust in the recruitment industry using content marketing

Would you like to follow in their footsteps?