Chris Marr’s top ten content marketing and business podcasts

You may have already read my short story about how I started The Marketing Academy Podcast, if so you’ll know that I’m fairly new to the world of podcasting compared to most other podcasters.

I started my journey as a listener at the end of 2013 when a good friend of mine, Andy Brown from Triple Your Clients Podcast, threw about a dozen shows at me to listen to. At the time I never realised how much of an impact it would have on me.

I recently felt inspired to jot down a list of my top 10 favourite content marketing and business podcasts, which I thought would help you if you’re either looking for a place to start listening to podcasts or if you are looking for additional marketing and business content.

These are the shows that I listen to the most frequently and have really inspired me to change the way I do things in my life, in business and with my marketing. The majority of these shows also inspired me to start The Marketing Academy Podcast and to take podcasting more seriously as a communications channel.

I didn’t want to litter this list just with people I know (who have really great podcast shows btw!), but instead really focus down on the shows that I listen to frequently for business and marketing advice – since that’s the industry I work in and likely to be why you read my articles and listen to my podcast.

If you and I bumped into each other in a local café, and you told me you were looking for a new podcast show to listen to, these are the 10 shows I’d suggest.

I hope you discover something here that inspires you to develop and grow.

My top ten favourite content marketing and business podcasts

Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneur on FireI learn something new every time I listen to John Lee Dumas interviewing entrepreneurs from all over the globe. Seven days a week he interviews a different entrepreneur about their journey, which brings with it a new story and a new set of business lessons. It’s difficult to keep up with the sheer volume of content that John Lee Dumas creates, but you know that there will always be an interesting interview available if you are looking for something inspiring and motivating to listen to.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

The Tim Ferriss Show – Tim Ferriss

The Time Ferriss ShowYou’ve probably heard of Tim Ferriss (Best Selling Author of The Four Hour Work Week), if you haven’t then I suggest you click here and buy the book on Amazon UK. Tim’s show is the longer form interview format, which I really enjoy, especially if I have a longer car journey to make or if I’m travelling afar. What I really enjoy about Tim’s show is that he mostly interviews people that I’ve never heard of before or wouldn’t deliberately seek out – not your typical podcast guests, but who have a great deal of experience and accolades in their field and industry. This makes Tim’s show very interesting, especially if you want to change up the content you are consuming and do some ‘lateral listening’.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Changeability – Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman

Changeability PodcastAt the time of writing I’ve been listening to a lot of the Changeability episodes, sometimes more than once. This is my go-to change and mindset podcast and Kathryn and Julian produce a brilliant show.

It’s well paced, well produced and the content is easy to consume and learn from. Personal/self-development is a big part of my life and if you are into self-development, or if you want to make changes in your life and improve, then this is the show for you.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Beyond The To-Do List – Erik Fisher

Beyond The To-Do ListProductivity is a big part of any business owner and entrepreneur’s life. It’s certainly something that I’m always thinking about – how to improve and do things more efficiently and more effectively. This is my go-to productivity podcast. Erik Fisher interviews a tonne of brilliant people on this show and I highly recommend it if you are looking to improve your productivity and get things done.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

The New Business Podcast – Chris Ducker

The New Business PodcastStrangely enough I was put on to Chris Ducker’s New Business Podcast from listening to his interview with Erik Fisher. If you listen to The Marketing Academy Podcast you will have heard me talking about Chris Ducker before. I simply love what he does and what he’s all about.

Chris’ show is jam packed with VALUE BOMBS and actionable and practical advice to help you become better at what you do and grow your business. Every single time I listen to Chris’ show I take away at least one thing to implement in my business. I’m completely inspired with what Chris is doing. A VERY highly recommended show for any entrepreneur and business owner.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Podcraft: Honing The Art of Podcasting – Colin Gray

Podcraft PodcastColin Gray is my ‘go-to’ podcasting guru and ever since I started The Marketing Academy Podcast he’s always been there for me and supported me with all my silly questions.

All of Colin’s resources are completely focussed on helping you to become a better podcaster. One thing that I particularly like about Colin is his unbiased approach and the fact that he clearly put’s a lot of time and effort into his equipment, hosting, application and software reviews.

If you are just starting your podcasting journey and you are looking for practical guidance and tips, this is the show for you. Also, if you are a budding podcaster already, you will still gain value from Colin’s show. Well worth a listen!

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Triple Your Clients – Andy Brown

Triple Your Clients PodcastAndy’s podcast is quick and snappy and provides massive value for any business owner and marketer. In each episode Andy provides you with actionable and practical advice to help you drive more leads and customers into your business.

Andy has a wealth of marketing experience and he loves sharing his knowledge via his podcast in a completely transparent way.

I urge you to subscribe to this show and listen to the archives – you will not be disappointed!

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

PNR: This Old Marketing – Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

PNR-this-old-content-marketing-podcastJoe Pulizzi and Robert Rose are well know in the industry as the kings of content marketing. As a listener you’re like a fly on the wall listening to two content marketing legends chewing the fat about all the latest content marketing trends and fails.

I love the style of this show and it’s an essential part of my listening agenda in order to keep up with everything worth knowing about the content marketing space.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Mad Marketing Podcast – Marcus Sheridan

Mad-Marketing-PodcastAs soon as Marcus’ show drops, I’m on it! I absolutely love his style of delivery and how down to earth he is. There’s a huge amount of value in every show and it’s worth trawling through the archives and listening from the very start.

If you are remotely interested in content marketing, and you are looking to cut through the jargon, buzz words and fluff then this is the show for you. Through listening and speaking to Marcus I have completely changed my approach to how I run my business.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Online Marketing and Communications – Jon Buscall

online-marketing-communicationsI met Jon for the first time at the UK Podcasters event 2014 and immediately took to him. He is the founder of a content marketing agency in Sweden, which has been operating for over 10 years. Again, this show is full of excellent marketing and business growth tips that are extremely useful for any marketer, business owner & entrepreneur.

He also has some amazing guests on his show and the pace of delivery and production is excellent.

Listen to the show: iTunes | Stitcher | Website

Your turn

  1. What are your favourite podcast shows?
  2. Which podcast shows inspire and motivate you?

Let me know what else should be on this list in the comments section below.

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