To get buy-in: In-house marketers must become teachers

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“Why should I help you? It’s not my job to do any marketing…!”

As an In-House Marketer, one of the biggest challenges is getting people in your organisation to provide their expertise and assistance to help you create meaningful content.

How do we get other people to ‘buy-in’ to our ideas and support the marketing efforts for the company? What should we be doing as In-House Marketers to not just get the buy-in, but motivate and inspire people to *want* to be a part of our marketing projects?

Can you recall the last time you were told what to do, or lectured by someone in your company?

It’s not very motivational, is it?

Your people might end up getting involved in your project, but they won’t do it willingly or with a smile on their face. To get the level of buy-in you’re looking for we have to become teachers.

You must move from telling people what to do, to facilitating discussions with your teams.

As an In-House Marketer, you are the glue that helps everyone to come together and create more meaningful work.

In the comments, I’d love to know what challenges you are currently facing with buy-in and how you are working to overcome them.


In another video, I talk about identifying your in-house marketing team. We called it insourcing.

Identifying actors and writers and ideas people in your organisation that can support you as an in house marketer to execute on your ideas and ultimately get more done, get more marketing done and grow the business. That’s what it’s all about.

Now, the next step is going to potentially be the next challenge for you as an in house marketer. Is, well, how do I get all of these people bought into this idea of supporting me?

One thing is, it’s not their job, they’ve already got a job, so why should they help me?

Naturally, you might have some people that resist and say things like, this isn’t my job, why should I help you?

So you’re gonna have to do a little bit more than just send an email round every body asking for their support.

The first thing I would do is identify the people that can really support you. That you know will support you first. And spend a bit of time with them. We’ll go into that in a little bit more detail in just a second.

So, the first thing that you want to do is get them into a room with each other. Facilitate some kind of discussion around marketing for the organisation. Get every body to spend a bit of time with you.

Now the first thing here is that you might be thinking to yourself is, well this is not a typical thing that an in-house marketer would do. Usually I’m in my office doing marketing stuff. I don’t facilitate meetings and work shops and doing any kind of teaching.

Well, now you do.

This is a big part of your roll going forward is to elevate others and to extract all the great talent from within the organisation and use it for marketing to grow the business.

So we want to get everybody into the room with each other. Have a discussion about how important marketing is for the organisation, and how it benefits every single individual around the table as well. And get them to tell you why it benefits them so they can buy in to supporting you.

It’s not just your job to do the marketing. Every single person in the organisation whether they know it or not has a role to play. It’s your job to leverage that. And to elevate others and to make every body in the organisation look good. You are the glue that pulls all of this together.

In summary, there’s two really important things here.

One is, you’re going to have put a little bit of effort into getting people to buy in to your new idea, to buy into supporting you with marketing.

And secondly, the next challenge for you is to see yourself as this person that brings all departments together, the glue within the organisation that pulls everyone together. Pulls out all the ideas. Ultimately, so the organisation can be more successful.

We can create better marketing, we can all be better communicators. And I think the challenge will make you a better marketer.

I’d love to know what’s on your mind, your thoughts your ideas, jump into the comment section. I’ll see you in there.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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