Why your business doesn’t need networking meetings

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Imagine if you never had to attend another business networking meeting ever again…

Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Most people assume that networking meetings are the only way to grow your network. Many other will tell you that it’s the best way to grow your network.

But it’s simply not true.

My guess is that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself to attend local networking meetings.

It’s something that you think you need to put more time and effort into. It’s something that you feel you should be better at.

Have you considered that maybe it’s just not for you? That you just don’t like it? Or perhaps you feel that there must be a better and more effective way…

Well it’s time for you to let go.

I’m giving you permission today to say NO to business networking meetings. There is a better way.

Watch this short video, do the exercise and let me know what’s on your mind in the comments 🙂


Imagine if you never had to go to another networking meeting ever again…

You wouldn’t just save all your time but also your energy and also you would just be able to release yourself from the social pressure of feeling like you need to attend all of these networking meetings as well.

Good networking meetings is only one way to grow, develop and strengthen your network and that’s all came to light just recently. I’ve talked about this for years but recent conversation with a friend on the train to Edinburgh, Colin and I were talking about it.

He was seen every year on his goal list is to get better at this networking thing and it just doesn’t seem to feel all that motivated to do anything about it. In fact I think if he could just do one thing, do his work, his job, if you could just do that every day I think he would be perfectly happy.

But he’s put this pressure on himself to get out there and meet more new people but argue that none of us really need to meet any more new random people.

I stopped going to networking events years ago. I say no to every single one of them and I never feel like I need it to be at them and I’ve been able to do that because I look at networking completely different.

So Colin and I had a nice conversation and eventually got to the point we were saying…

Actually, what if I just focused on building the relationships with the people that I already know really well and also let’s assume that those people also know other good people just like them, that they know really well too.

So the conversation eventually got to the point where what we’re really talking about, well, why don’t we just focus on keeping in touch with the people we really like. That we already trust we already have a relationship with. And if I am ever looking for someone specific to help me in my business there’s a good chance that someone in my course network will probably know someone that they trust that they would be able to recommend.

So does Colin need to go to any networking events to meet any more new random people?


Does he need to go to networking events to get any more business for his business, any new customers?

No, no he doesn’t.

He just needs to be able to build the relationships and strengthen the relationships with the people that he already knows really well and that’s perhaps the case for you as well.

So your challenge today is to think about all the people that you know really well. So get a notepad out, get your computer out, start writing down all the people that you have a really strong connection with already. A really strong relationship with already but you would like to keep in touch with more and then I want you to think about when was the last time I actually contacted this person? When was the last time we got in touch with each other? Have a look at that list and see are all these people connected with each other? Have I connected Debbie with Colin and Mark, with Rod and Carol, with Ali.

Are they all connected with each other and if they’re not maybe this is a good chance for you to sit down and think to yourself well who would benefit from knowing each other and my network and start to make some introductions to them as well and try and join it all up.

Like I said at the start, if you ever need to meet someone new, if you’re looking for someone specific, someone to help you with a specific challenge, a problem in your business then the first place to go is to the network that you already have.

So imagine never ever having to feel like you need to go to another networking event in your life and taking that pressure off yourself to feel like you need to be doing what other people are doing when the reality is that you don’t.

Have fun with the list let me know in the chat section what’s on your mind.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas and I’ll catch you next time.

Don’t forget to be awesome.

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