How to think like a marketer

How do you turn a business owner into a marketer?

A really important point that’s come up a couple of times recently at the Marketing Surgery is starting to think like a marketer, which is really just trying to motivate people to think more like ‘marketers’ of what they do as opposed to ‘doers’ of what they do.

A big part of that is all about how you think about what you do and how you separate yourself from your business. It’s not like you have to stop doing what you’re doing (you still have to ‘do the do’). It’s about how you think about marketing, how you prioritise marketing and how you can change your perspective so you can think like a marketer.

There are lots of ways that you can help yourself to do this, and it takes time. Essentially it’s all about how you think and how you see the world around you.

I’ve included three exercises that you can start today so you can develop yourself and start to think like a marketer.

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One of the big questions I get asked a lot is “why am I not getting any comments on my blog articles?” There are a lot of ways to create more engagement and get comments on your blog and I’ve highlighted eleven main reasons why it might not be happening for you.

By the end of the article you might be thinking that this seems like a lot of work. Well, this all comes down to your core motivation and why you’re writing a blog in the first place. You can decide not to do any of these things and nothing will change. However, if you really want your blog to perform for you and your business, then you need to seriously consider the eleven aspects below.

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I’ve been talking to a lot of people about blogging for business recently. A few people have started taking it more seriously, and some have just outright started blogging as a result of chatting to me about it. Due to all this activity I thought it would be proactive of me to let you know about some of the free WordPress plugins that I use on my blog and website and why they work well.

One of the main reasons that I use these plugins is to make sure that my readers and visitors have a good experience when interacting with my content. The main objective is to make sure it’s very easy to engage with the content and subscribe.

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As a small business owner, you have infinite passion for what you do. You’re invested in everything you do, not only because it’s your livelihood, but because what you’re building through your business is the reason you get up in the morning (if it’s not, then you might have a problem with your own level of engagement). No hurdle that you come across is big enough to stop you from making your business successful.

By now, you might have noticed that it’s hard to inspire the same sense of passion and motivation in your employees. To many, if not most of them, your business is another job. And even if they see their opportunity with you as a good career move, chances are they are not actively engaged with their work.

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