I do write all my own unique blog content, none of it is purchased or curated. I try to do things the right way, which usually involves a little more effort, but has big benefits associated with it. One of the biggest benefits is the development of my own ideas and knowledge, the next benefit is the fact that the content is completely unique.

I do a few things to help me out, which I can share with you:

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This is part of a content Mini-Series on Business Networking. Click here to read more articles.

When I’m out and about at business networking events I see a real mix of people. Some people are experts and have been crafting their skill for a long time, others that have been doing it for years but have lost their way, and others are just starting out and don’t know where to start. And there’s also everyone in between.

The reason for writing a series of articles on business networking is primarily to help the people who don’t know where to start. However, if you are a seasoned business networker, please continue to read the articles as I would love to have your input and your contribution in the discussion section at the bottom of the articles. Please comment and share your knowledge.

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Written by Colin McKeand – Scotland’s Only Business Networking Skills Therapist

“I went to a business networking group, I tried it a couple of times and it didn’t work, so I’m not going back”.

You’ll probably not be surprised to know that I hear this complaint a lot! I hear it a lot at networking events and people say things like “I went to this and I went to that, and it didn’t work” or “I went along a few times and nothing happened”.

If you hear people say this enough you’d believe that business networking doesn’t work.

These people end up going off networking and never going back. Worse still, they end up turning other people off too. This is a popular reason for people stopping business networking, and it’s crucial for you to understand why so you can develop your networking skills, get the most from business networking and really enjoy it.

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A few of the questions I get asked quite a lot are “How do I get testimonials that actually work”? or “How do I get more testimonials?” or “Why won’t my customers write testimonials for me?”

The answers are usually quite straightforward and normally have something do with the following:

  1. not proactively asking for testimonials
  2. not making it easy for your customers to give testimonials
  3. not asking for testimonials at the right time

In fact, the majority of business owners are failing to get testimonials simply because they haven’t built it into part of their sales cycle…and they’re missing a BIG trick!

What I’ve covered in this article is

  1. Why you need to be proactively asking for testimonials
  2. How to get awesome customer testimonials that you can be proud of
  3. How to use your awesome testimonials in your marketing

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So you’ve been building your business for a while now, you have a good service to offer or products to sell and things are ticking along nicely. However, you might also have noticed that other things are starting to slide and you’re struggling to keep up with the (whispers) boring stuff, like keeping your accounts up to date, scheduling your social media, responding to queries, tidying up your inbox, keeping up to date with your newsletter, thinking of ways to re-purpose all that content that’s building up…the list goes on!

It’s a regularly spouted fact that you should be spending time working ON rather than IN your business on a daily basis, but how are you supposed to find time to do this when you’ve got that product to sell or clients clamouring for your service? That’s where a virtual assistant comes in.

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