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Beach addict and crazy spaniel mum (thanks to Millie), I love helping others create memories. Founder of Millie's Lifestyle and avid blogger - life would be boring doing just one thing. Wouldn't it?!?!?

It’s nice to be nice, isn’t it? But what about when it comes to business? In a world where it is assumed only the most selfish will survive, is it possible to be nice and successful?

In this guest article, Natalie Hailey, Founder of Hot Content UK, shares her own experiences. Having seen both the good and the bad, she shares the 5 qualities of nice people that can help you succeed in business.

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Regardless of the reason you started your business, we all fundamentally want the same thing.  We want to grow our businesses.

You want more potential customers. More calls, more contacts and ultimately more paying customers.

Somewhere along your journey you’ve probably heard people talking about finding a niche. Turning away customers when you want to grow your business? That would be madness wouldn’t it?!

In this guest article, Karen Reyburn, Owner and Managing Director of The Profitable Firm, addresses this number one fear of pursuing a niche.

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If you were to ask a business owner what taking part in The Ironman has to do with marketing and running a business, you may get some funny looks. Or perhaps they may respond with “You’d have to be mad to do either!”. #TRUTH.

But that’s exactly what Steve Bonthrone, founder of Steve Bonthrone Fitness, talks about in this guest blog.

He shares his own personal lessons from doing the Ironman 70.3 and explains how we can apply this to our own business mindset. It’s not as unrelated as you may think!

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It’s estimated that every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. That’s a massive 350,000 per minute, equivalent to 518 million tweets per day!

So how exactly do we cut through this noise as marketers or should we give up and retreat to other social media platforms?

In this guest article, Cathy Wassell, founder of Socially Contented, shares why we should participate in Twitter Chats and how we can both take part and run them.

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