Amy Schmittauer’s top 10 favourite Savvy Sexy Social videos of all time

Amy Schmittauer recently published her 500th episode of Savvy Sexy Social. She has produced A LOT of lot of videos.

To celebrate this magnificent milestone Amy recently published a video declaring her top 10 favourite Savvy Sexy Social videos of all time.

So if you’re looking for a place to start with Amy’s content, there’s no real better place to start than here.

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Amy’s top 10 favourite Savvy Sexy Social videos…

076 – Are we spread too thin with social media?

This was the release of the Vine app, and I was just in a place where it was the beginning of a new year and I thought, really? Another social media network? I was just over it.”

085 – Early Blogging Stages: How I Stayed Motivated

“I got a viewer question that inspired a Taylor Swift dance routine. That one was definitely a good one because it felt like I was finally able to start really engaging with my audience by getting video questions and talking about something that’s really important, staying motivated when there’s not a whole lot going on.”

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056 – Measuring ROI in Blogging

“Measuring the ROI of blogging. This one I referred to the blogging gods dropping money from the sky, which went very well in the comments section.”

384 – Improve Your Videos: MKBHD, Austin Evans and Unbox Therapy

“This took place at 2am in Las Vegas, which is appropriate, but with three of the most fun tech YouTubers I know with great value to share. For those smart people who stayed to the end of the video, they also got the clip to the bloopers, which was a better video.”

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475 – More Discovery Options with Hashtags on Instagram featuring Sue B. Zimmerman

“This was with Sue B Zimmerman at Cape Cod, part one of a two part series all about hashtags and the new explore tab on Instagram. I mean, you just can’t beat being in Cape Cod with Sue B, that’s it, that’s a favourite!”

441 – Email is NOT Dead

“I like to keep a musical theme as we will continue to find out in this episode, I channelled LL Cool J to talk about why email is not dead.”

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205 – Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: Musical Book Review

“My musical book review for Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, because even though I cringe watching it a little bit, it’s still one of my favourites.”

200 – How I Quadrupled my YouTube Subscribers in 8 months (200th episode)

“Episode 200 was the second big milestone of the channel, and I like looking back on that one because that was really the first time I was able to measure results from Savvy Sexy Social 2.0 when we switched to the three day a week schedule.”

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156 – Taco Bell’s Sexy Social Media Marketing Strategy

“A great episode at VidCon where I got to interview the chief of social at Taco Bell and what part of that doesn’t sound amazing? It was pretty good.”

155 – Top 5 Tips for Getting Started Vlogging with a DSLR Camera

“My most favourite of all time, episode 155 with Austin Evans, the top five tips for new users on a DSLR camera.

This video is not only the most popular on the entire channel since it came out, but Austin Evans has been an integral part of my education on YouTube, and he’s a great friend, so this one’s very close to my heart, and it’s also the video that inspired me to finally upgrade my camera.”

Your turn

  1. What are your favourite Sexy Savvy Social videos?
  2. Who’s your favourite You Tube Vlogger?

Let me know what’s on your mind in the comments section below.



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