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4 reasons why we chose The Hub for TCMA 2017

This year at TCMA 2016 we felt that we got it more right than we ever have.

Everything felt great: the speakers, the flow, the guests, the organisation and the venue.

For TCMA 2017 we had thought about changing the venue, but we settled on staying in the same place for a second year.

Here are the 4 reasons why we’ve chosen to stay at The Hub for TCMA 2017.

1. It’s an epic venue

The Hub - TCMA 2017

The Hub – TCMA 2017

The walk up the Royal Mile to the venue is beautiful, and as you approach The Hub you realise just how impressive and special it is.

It’s not only very central, but in a very historic part of the city.

It was built between 1842 and 1845 and the spire is the highest point in central Edinburgh.

We’re certainly not preaching a religion at TCMA, but the fact that it’s a converted church fits quite nicely with what we do.

The Hub truly is one of the most sought after venues in the city, and we feel that TCMA deserves the best.

2. Customer feedback

The feedback we’ve had about the venue for TCMA 2016 has been amazing. Our guests loved it.

Here’s what some of our guests said about The Hub:

“Very central so that’s great. Initially you feel it’s amazing as you’re in awe of the history” – Beverley Sherratt

“It felt like I was sitting in a jesters hat – I loved it.” – Lucy Robertson

“The space was something special and very much added to the atmosphere of the event” – Julie Christie

“Think it helped contribute to the atmosphere instead of just being a bland conference room – great choice!” – Lynsey Macready

“It had a wow factor, great location, hard to improve upon” – Andy Brown

“It had a majestic feel which I think is a must for future events!” – Flo Couper

“Grandiose building. Created a feeling we were part of something special.” – David Withington

“Very interesting venue that was a bit of a conversation piece. Lost count how many people I saw taking pics of the ceiling”. – Mike Morrison

3. Continuity & customer experience

Within the team here at CMA we have discussed bigger international events like Glastonbury music festival and the London Marathon. We also discussed events within our industry such as Social Media Marketing World, Content Marketing World and Inbound.

TCMA2016 - When Yva met Cara

When Yva met Cara for the first time

One of the things they all have in common is that they are, in the main, held in the same place/venue every single year.

People return to these events and build upon their stories year after year.

We want our guests to have the same experience at TCMA.

For our returning guests, there will be a comforting feeling of being in the same venue for a second year. Finding your way around the city will be enjoyable, and you’ll be more informed when choosing your accommodation for TCMA 2017.

You will also be able to connect with those you met at TCMA 2016 and pull in those that are visiting for the first time.

We feel that TCMA 2017 will be even more special because of the continuity and the building upon the experience from year to year.

4. Improved organisation and management

From an organisation and management perspective, staying and working with the same venue makes a lot of sense.

We’ve already built up a relationship with the venue and the team at The Hub, which gives us the opportunity to take things up a level.

If you’ve already read this article, you will know that there are things that we will be improving upon.

Moving to a new venue would present us with a whole set of new challenges and unknown elements, and staying in the same venue allows us to step things up with an element of confidence.

At the time of writing this article, it’s 342 days to TCMA 2017, and we’re almost 50% sold out. We want to sell out this year and have 200 guests.

Staying in the same venue gives the team here at CMA a solid foundation to build upon, and allows us to focus on the experience as we almost double our number of guests.

We’ll see you at TCMA 2017!

Chris Marr - TCMA 2016The feedback from TCMA 2016 has been incredible and we know that there’s a lot of areas we can develop and improve for TCMA 2017.

We have been presented with another fantastic opportunity to provide our guests with an amazing experience.

For our guests that are returning to TCMA 2017, we still want it to feel special for you, just as it was the first time you entered the building in 2016.

We know that with the same venue, our own experiences, and the feedback from TCMA 2016, that we can create an amazing experience for everyone at TCMA 2017.

See you there!




  1. Victoria Gunn says:

    Completely agree with the comments Chris – stunning venue and felt so special walking into the venue.
    So pleased to be returning again in 2017! Can’t wait.

  2. Gareth Everson says:

    Cannot wait!!!!