What is CMA Live? - CMA Live 2017

What is CMA Live?

On this page Chris Marr, the Founder of the Content Marketing Academy, will share with you the why behind CMA Live to give you a feel for his vision and the story behind CMA.

Chris Marr - TCMA 2015

Chris: I have received a lot of questions about why I decided to start CMA Live, what it’s really all about and what to expect from this content marketing conference. What I have prepared for you below is an honest insight into my vision for CMA Live and how it all came about.

Chris Marr with Gary Vaynerchuk

Chris Marr with Gary Vaynerchuk

The Content Marketing Academy (CMA) has come about as a combination of a few different things. Ever since starting Learning Everyday (my first marketing consultancy – now CMA) – workshops, education and sharing resources has been a big part of the plan to help business owners to become better communicators of what they do. The best way to do that was to showcase resources and give people examples and case studies, but also help them to understand how marketing fits within their business and understand what their role within their business is as a marketer.

I firmly believe that the entrepreneurial person in the business (typically the business owner) should be a great marketer, because at the end of the day, that’s how we all get customers, promote our services, and build a strong relationship with our customers.

“the purpose of a business is to create a customer. The business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.”

And of those, “marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business”

– Peter Drucker, 1954

TCMA has been a combination of facilitating workshops, speaking at different events and consulting many different types of businesses over the last few years, and it’s now come together as an annual live event.

What I aim to do with CMA Live is build year on year on what’s achieved. CMA Live started off in 2014 as a relatively small event (40 delegates), but as the years go on, it’ll grow and we’ll be able to get different types of speakers at each of these events with varying types and levels of experience. The aim is to have a big enough platform to invite well known global experts to Scotland, and in turn attract a large and engaged audience.

We achieved this in 2016 and we are building year on year.

What’s CMA Live all about?

CMA Live is all about content marketing, social media and business growth. It’s about showcasing content marketing and, in some respects, ‘selling’ the concept of content marketing to business owners to give them a better understanding of what it is, how it works, the business benefits and how they can make it work in the context of their own business.

The one thing I want to make sure takes place at each event is to continue to invite speakers who are content marketing practitioners in their businesses today. Typically when you go to marketing conferences and events and you’ll hear from marketing gurus and experts, but I want you to hear from other business owners just like you, who are doing the things that you know you know should be doing.

For example, at CMA Live 2014 we had business owners speaking who are successfully using podcasts and blogging as part of a content marketing strategy to build a relationship with their customers and engage their audience. I want to be able to showcase a business owner that’s not in a marketing agency or consultancy, but instead for you to understand how they have implemented the principles of content marketing to build a successful business.

Marcus Sheridan - TCMA 2015

Marcus Sheridan – TCMA 2015

At CMA Live 2015 we invited Marcus Sheridan to deliver a workshop and keynote presentation – he has an incredible and unique content marketing success story – this is exactly what other business owners need to hear.

I want you to be inspired and motivated by the business owners’ stories around why they’re doing what they’re doing, but also to see that over the long term it actually does pay off and you will also believe that you will experience the same results.

It’s one thing giving you the information about what content marketing is, but actually hearing the story and being able to provide the context of your own business around that story will, I hope, inspire you to take that action.

I very much want the conference to not be about me, but about showcasing the success of other business owners, that will in turn give you the motivation and inspiration to take content marketing forward in your business.

Content marketing is the future

In reality, content marketing is not just the future, it’s now. A lot of people know about it and talk about it, but don’t actually do a lot with it, and that’s another reason why CMA Live  has been developed – to plug the gap between knowing, understanding, and implementation.

Take a look at the trend in content marketing in the image below. You can see that content marketing is becoming extremely popular as a search term.

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing – Google Trends

Inspiration, motivation AND action!

What I’ve done with CMA Live, and how I see it going forward, is to have the best elements of a conference and the best elements of a workshop. I want you to not only get the motivation and the inspiration that you need from the speakers, but to also be able to take those crucial first steps towards implementation in a workshop environment. When you leave the conference you’ll have the motivation and inspiration, and you’ll also have the plan for implementation so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you get back to the office.

I want to make sure the excitement and motivation transcends the boundaries of the conference and into the workplace.

The real clincher behind CMA Live is helping you to take the action, and I think the biggest benefit from coming to CMA Live is the fact that you’re going to hear from business owners, people who’ve actually done it who aren’t simply ‘marketing gurus’ and full of the theory. They’re people just like you, but they’re one or two steps ahead or two or three years ahead in their content marketing journey, and you will be able to see that it’s working for them and how you can apply this to your business.

You will see how successful business owners are using content marketing to promote themselves as an expert in their industry.

Who is CMA Live for?

Who should attend CMA Live?

  • You know about content marketing and have maybe tried something like blogging, but it’s all a bit rusty and disjointed and you need a strategy and plan behind you to fuel the fire.
  • You’ve perhaps been in business for two or three years and you’ve tried a lot of marketing, but it’s maybe not working and you want to do something different.
  • Maybe you’ve ran your business for a long time and you’re fed up constantly chasing your tail with your marketing and you want to build a solid foundation within your business.
  • You might be a social media expert and you can see that content marketing is the way forward and you need help to create your content marketing strategy.
  • Perhaps you are a marketer yourself, and you want to get involved in the content space. You might be able to bring some of your clients along to add value to the relationship between you and your clients.

Who shouldn’t attend CMA Live?

  • You’re looking a for a quick fix ‘silver bullet’ solution for your marketing
  • You’re simply looking to ‘make money online’
  • You’re aren’t interested in content marketing or refining your marketing strategy

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