How to dominate Twitter art CMA Live 17 - CMA Live 2017

How to dominate Twitter art CMA Live 17

If you are a regular delegate at industry conferences and events you’re probably well briefed on the benefits of using Twitter at conferences to engage with other delegates, sponsors and speakers.

Personally I love getting involved on Twitter before, during and after the conference and events I attend, and I’ve even engaged with Twitter Hashtags when I’m not attending!

The first thing you need to do before the event is take a note of the hashtag and then follow these tips on how to use the hashtag to engage and have conversations on Twitter before, during and after the conference.

3 ways to dominate Twitter at conferences

1. Get involved in the conversation before the conference or event

My best advice is to set up a search stream in Hootsuite, or your favourite Twitter application, and start engaging with those sharing content and discussing the hashtag.

You can then start following and connecting with other delegates, partners and speakers.

For example, you could send a tweet to some of the delegates and speakers and let them know that you are looking forward to meeting them at the event.

This is a great way to warm up to the conference and when you meet people in person for the first time they feel like they already know you.

This tactic alone is a fantastic way to leverage your time at any conference or event and make strong connections with more people.

2. Engage during the conference or event

Although the conference organisers don’t want you to be distracted too much by Twitter during the main event, you can use Twitter really effectively to engage with other delegates and the speakers. Here are some tips:

  • Quote the speakers – if the speakers have done a good job they will include ‘tweetables’ in their presentation. You can quote them in a tweet along with the hashtag.
  • Take pictures of your experience and share it on Twitter along with the hashtag (let’s not forget Instagram for this too)
  • Ask the speakers questions on Twitter using the hashtag
  • Retweet the other delegates who are getting involved in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag
  • Reply to other people and keep the conversation going

PS Any conference worth it’s salt will have a Twitter stream displayed in the main foyer for engagement during the networking breaks – this is your opportunity for some free exposure on the Twitter leader board!

3. Connect with everyone after the conference or event

When the event ends the conversation can continue on Twitter and it’s a great way to to keep in touch with everyone post-event.

For example, after the event you may be inclined to write a blog article about what you learned and your experiences. You can then engage with the right people on Twitter using the hashtag.

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Suggested applications and tools for engaging on Twitter

My favourite engagement tools for Twitter are Hootsuite for the iPad/Laptop and Flipboard for the iPhone. These work really well and save you time switching between search terms and your notifications on other applications.

Make sure you’re powered up!

Don’t forget to charge up your mobile devices before you arrive. If you are preparing for using social media in a big way I suggest buying an Anker Power Pack so you don’t run out of juice!

Your turn

  1. What applications do you use to engage on Twitter for conferences and events?
  2. What other great tips do you have for engaging on Twitter during conferences and events?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Don’t forget to be awesome!



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