Erika Napoletano - CMA Live 2017

Erika Napoletano Erika Napoletano

Erika Napoletano – where to begin? She’s taller than a taco but shorter than a supermodel. That’s probably not important.

Erika goes through life as a human with a broken “censor” button, with a whole lot of fucks to give, yet picky about who and what earns them.

Having spent over 8 years as an award-winning author, columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and American Express OPEN Forum, speaker, and consultant dedicated to shortening the distance between where brands are today and Fuck Yeah, she chucked all that in the bin and returned to a career in the performing arts in 2014.

Now, you can find her in Chicago living with two dogs, one cat, and one man who happens to look like Clark Kent, eschewing the struggling artist life for one that’s fueled by a fierce fire for creating, creativity, and communing with others who find their joy in the arts.

She occasionally whores herself out for business-related consulting and freelance writing assignments (because paying a mortgage is fun, too), yet she spends more time doing things she loves than things she loathes. Learn more about her (and her extensive tattoo collection) at

Photo Credit: Christa Meola

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Hash tag abuser in 10-step program because I can't commit to 12. Actor. Creator. Word hooker. Voice artist. Nerd in a dress. @erikadnapo on Instagram