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4 reasons why we chose The Hub for TCMA 2017

This year at TCMA 2016 we felt that we got it more right than we ever have.

Everything felt great: the speakers, the flow, the guests, the organisation and the venue.

For TCMA 2017 we had thought about changing the venue, but we settled on staying in the same place for a second year.

Here are the 4 reasons why we’ve chosen to stay at The Hub for TCMA 2017.

What did you REALLY think about TCMA 2016?

It’s truly amazing how much of an impact TCMA2016 had on everyone that attended. The buzz leading up to, during and after TCMA 2016 has been incredible.

We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved with TCMA.

Our mission is to create award winning events and customer experiences, and in order to do so, we must also actively seek constructive feedback.

Kevin Anderson: Personally Speaking – The Art of being a Contented Content Writer

We know how powerful content writing can be for your business, but what about writing for you? What if instead of having a conversation with your audience, you occasionally had a chat with yourself? From writing to understand, to writing to entertain – personal writing can have a huge impact on all aspects of your life.

And here’s the real magic – being a contented writer and a happier person will make you a better content writer.

10 reasons why you might not buy a ticket for CMA Live 17

Everyone seems to be talking about CMA at the moment. Can it really be that good?

So you’ve decided to spend a little of your precious time over here on the CMA Live 17 website, and you’re curious to find out if it’s is for you or not.

There are so many things you will be considering right now, and I’d like to help you get through all the questions you’re asking yourself as quickly as possible.