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Leaders aren’t doing enough to support marketers

We’ve shared some interesting thoughts, ideas, and experiences around the challenges that marketers are having in their role.

What I’ve found frustrating in these discussions is the lack of leadership engagement.

It’s clear that in many organisations leaders do not truly understand the marketing function, and as a result, their expectations are too high or they undervalue the marketing team.

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Marketers: What conversations do you need to be having with your boss?

If I were to create a series of videos for you that was aimed at the leadership in your organisation, and you wanted me to say something on your behalf in order for you to have more impact and do more work with purpose, what do we need to be talking about to make that happen?

I have some questions for you 🙂

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marketers leave jobs

Why do marketers keep leaving their job?

Did you know, compared to all other business functions, the marketing department has the highest rate of staff turnover?

Why do you think that is?

Whether you are a leader with marketing reports, or you ar thinking about developing the marketing function in your company, or you are a marketer…this is an interesting question to ask yourself and your team.

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