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Daily journaling challenge with Chris Marr

Maybe you’ve been trying to build the daily habit of journaling for a while, and you know that you can’t do it consistently without some accountability.

Perhaps you’ve already nailed the journaling habit and you’d like to join a community of others who think like you do…

…and maybe you enjoy a competitive environment and you want to put your money where your mouth is 😉

If so, I’d like to invite you to join my daily journaling challenge.

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GoWithThePro Twitter Chat - Content Marketing & Chris Marr

#GoWithThePro Twitter Chat: How content marketing increases traffic, leads and sales with Chris Marr

Up until #GoWithThePro on 16th August 2018 I had never participated in a Twitter chat, let alone been a guest on one!

Cathy clearly had faith in me, and after a quick chat with Nicole it all made sense – it’s exactly just like being interviewed, except you are on Twitter instead of actually speaking to anyone…and those ‘watching’ can also chime in with questions and responses.

I thought you may find my prep helpful…so here are the 6 content marketing questions I was asked, along with my prepared responses and follow up related content.

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Feedback Rules

How to ask for, give and receive feedback – establishing a culture of trust in groups

Over the 15 years or so that I have been facilitating groups and leading teams, establishing and cultivating a culture of trust is one of the major factors that determines how effective a group of people can be.

This advice can be put to use in small to large organisational teams, group coaching (online and offline), workshops, and even a 1-2-1 setting.

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